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. the pakistani taliban names a new leader hours after a suspected you ha u.s. drone stre killed it's former commander. >> plus,in, willing to fight unl the last bullet. an ex-clue sufficient report on the arabs that want independence from mali. >> at lam los angeles airport te police havoide have identified n that opened fire with a assault rifle. >> and who killed two members of the golden dawn party. we are live in athens for the investigation. >> our top story the pakistani taliban has named it's new leader hours after the former commander was killed in drone strikement he is khan said. he has taken over. furfursfirst this report. >> the pakistani taliban many he just finished meeting tribunal leaders when the compound was struck by four missiles fired from a drone. the united states has been pursuing masuud for years. in 2009 he was pictured by with a suicide bomberment ther. the way he was killed put pakistan in a difficult position. he was a great man of military and tactical skills. was a pass murder and he killed thousands of people. they will be pleased on another level and they w
's relationship with the united states after a drone strike killed a taliban leader. >> hakimullah mehsud died. and as we report, the taliban now wants revenge. norm says he shouldn't have come to work today, but he says he can't afford to stay home. he tells us he fears reprisal attacks from the pakistani taliban after the u.s. killed it's leader hakimullah mehsud in an unmanned drone strike. >> people have stopped coming to the market. we are so afraid that the taliban will atak attack us. >> i don't know what to do. >> mohamed's fears are based on personal experience. the market where he works has been attacked several tile timey the taliban. last month his uncle was killed by a bombing. they are under heightened alert after the taliban threatened. beside the fear there is anger. in a media previousing on saturday the interior minister blamed the u.s. for destroying the peace process with the pakistani taliban. >> the efforts have been ambushed. it was not a fire from the front. it was an ambush. and we see it as an ambush. >> but other political parties want more than angry word with washi
by the taliban and because they are so directly connected to their homes. they are protecting their homes and they have become and are a major threat to taliban control and success. obviously the insurgency or the taliban is a resilient force. it shouldn't be underestimated. a long way to go in afghanistan in terms of it becoming truly a country which is freer of terror, but nonetheless, the changes are pretty striking. there have been changes in the economy. n. in afghanistan. we drove across kabul to the american university in afghanistan. i wish every american could go to the american university in afghanistan. just a visit there, if every american could go there, or if every american could see what is happening just in that one place or drive across kabul to it, i believe it would change the view of most americans about what we have accomplished with our allies and with the afghan security forces in afghanistan. the city now is full of cars there is traffic jams, there is shops opening all over the place. people are in markets. it is -- we couldn't drive across kabul, they
pakistan he relates with afghanistan an taliban. these are the folks that cut closed 500 schools and most of them girls' schools in the eastern provinces of afghanistan. he is part of the network that is basically a giant organized crime group operating in the tribal areas of pakistan that have been involved in supporting al qaeda and taliban and others. this was a bad guy and by the way, there is some information recently that concerned us about the safety of our troops. >> i feel auto little better for our troops today than i did before this happened. >> rogers said mehsud had ties to the failed attempt to bomb new york's time square in 2010. >> edward snowden's plea for clemency has been denied. the whistle blower who has asylum in return yeah made a plea in a letter. the request has been defied by the white house and the congressional intelligence committee. he should return to the u.s. and face charges which would include leaking classified allegations. >> more allegations against the nsa. the "new york times" reports that intelligence saying see intercepted talking points with moon
wanted terrorists dead, taken out by a u.s. drone strike. chief of the pakistani taliban is connected to a 2009 suicide bombing that killed seven americans at cia outpost in afghanistan. also believed behind car becoming. confirming the kill. promote number two commander to replace him. we want to preface this story by saying the person in this video is doing just fine now. very important to know he that. scary moment for fans at the denver nugget's. the team mascot rocky was lowered from the ceiling but he was out cold and totally motionless. luckily media reports say that rocky just got a little kidsy. he was a little high up there answered passed out. but, again, rocky is doing okay. probably won't be doing that again. the government can't force businesses to provide birth control. ruling coming in from appeals court. siding with business owners in ohio. business owners say being offered birth control to employees under obama care violates their beliefs as roman catholics. divided ruling is one of several on the birth control issue and will likely have to be resolved by the supreme
it in congress in 2011 with that basically allowed it to be those groups that threaten us, al-qaeda, taliban-associated forces. and, again, it's within the self-defense context. i would say it's highly unlikely that we're going to modify the aumf because i've walked down that road. you change a punctuation mark in that thing, and you're looking at ten years worth of lawsuits from both sides, frankly. people, well, congress must have meant this. i'd love -- people interpreted congressional intent as if we move as one body. [laughter] you know, about 535 different intents. good luck figuring those out. but, you know, that's the risk. if you change the aumf, and that's why the white house was nervous as hell when we did it in 2011. it wasn't so much that they wanted it to be, you know, more authority or less authority, it's just that if you change it, you then give rise to a variety of different legal actions. so i think it's probably going to stay where it's at. and the larger question is as al-qaeda and their different groups move around, and that's why i again emphasize the clarity. there's
came one day before planned peace talks before pakistan and the taliban. >> the government of pakistan does not see this drone attack as an attack on an individual but as an attack on the peace process. >> now pakistan is summoning the u.s. ambassador to explain the strike. >>> it's a treatment for autism that is just out of this world. nasa astronauts use specific techniques to help readd just to gra -- readjust to gravity. the same methods may work on those children as well too. kids at a kentucky research center are using the nasa machines to strengthen the inner ear. the parents say it is working. >> and as this part of the brain is strengthened, the whole processing ability of the brain and the body becomes actualized. >> it's amazing to see the growth in what he's willing to do. >> the center also works with kids who have add to help them focus as well. >>> so we were talking about this a little earlier. if you're asked to give a toast, how do you make sure it does not end up like this? ♪ keep smiling, keeping shining ♪ ♪ knowing you can always count on me ♪ >> the expert
the taliban terrorists that are at war with our troops and afghanistan. pakistan hid out osama bin laden. pakistan put the pakistani doctor that helped the united states take out the devil of the desert imprisoned for 30 years. pakistan is playing the united states for a nation of fools. otherwise why would our government just send $1,2 00,000,000 to pakistan? haven't we learned that pakistan takes our money and slyly and is he dishesly uses it for purposes counter to u.s. interests? pakistan has become the benedict arnold ally of america. why do we pay pakistan to hate us, madam speaker? they'll do it for tree. no american taxpayer money to pakistan. use that american money in america. freedom-loving nations that give pakistan money in the hope of fighting terrorism or sailing the ships and the united states has become the admiral of the fleet and that's just the way it is. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman rom new york seek recognition? without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. tonko: thank you, madam speaker. oceans cover 70% of our
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8